Chocolate Panettone

The best we’ve tried!


Chocolate Fiasconaro Panettone Sicilian – Individually hand wrapped


The Fiasconaro Panettone from Sicily are quite simply the best we’ve ever tasted – and we’ve tried a lot!

The secret is a slow and gradual leavening, which naturally comes to completion in thirty-six hours, this guarantees the quality and aroma of these delicious panettone. An extraordinary fragrance, lightness and a moist texture you could only experience with cakes literally fresh from the oven.

A lot of the ingredients are grown in the lunar landscape of Mt. Etna, conditioned from its volcanic soils and climate variations, perfectly adding to the unique flavour, colour and aromas. Award-winning and would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

Wheat Gluten Eggs Dairy May contain traces of Soy and Nuts


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