CORAVIN™ Gas Capsules

Argon gas


2 x Capsules

Specifically designed for use with the with the Coravin Model Three.

Argon gas is an inert gas that is regularly used during the wine making process. It does not react with wine and has no effect on the taste profile. What it does manage to do is protect remaining wine from oxidation.

The Coravin Wine Preservation System unlocks your choices, so you can drink any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork. Simply insert, tip, and pour— then save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years!

What are the benefits of Coravin?

Wine by the glass:
Stop Choosing between red, white or rosé. Start serving whatever each guest prefers and free yourself to enjoy your favourite wines by the glass.

Wine pairing:
Stop being stuck with the same wine throughout a meal. Start exploring food pairing – open up the possibilities and make exciting new discoveries.

Wine Party:
Stop with the boring dinner parties. Start throwing wine parties – taste, share, explore and enjoy wine like never before.

Wine Celebration:
Stop waiting for special occasions to taste your best wines. Start being spontaneous – indulge and share treasures from your collection, anytime you’ll like.

Wine Education:
The complexity of wine shouldn’t intimidate you anymore. Start learning by tasting – increase your tastings, compare different wines and learn to really understand them the best way possible.