Massimo’s Vermouth

Made during lockdown


Massimo’s “Lockdown” Vermouth


Steeped with over 20 different botanicals you’ll find flavours of chamomile, vanilla, liquorice, saffron and cardamom. All the alcohols are grape-based to keep with the typical traditions of North Italy, in this fragrant fortified spirit/wine.

Some might say it’s similar to a Pimm’s!

Vermouth was originally marketed for medicinal purposes. It then went on to become a celebrated aperitif in Milan and Torino. Eventually, vermouth found its permanent home at the world’s bar when it became associated with some of history’s most iconic cocktails, such as the great negroni.

Best served on its own or with a twist of citrus.

To serve – add ice to a glass tumbler, 100ml vermouth, a slice of orange and stir.

Bring the used bottle and stopper back to receive 10% off your next Vermouth purchase.