Pizza con prosciutto

Pizza kit


Pizza with speck and rocket – Recipe Kit

Home-made pizza is a great dish to add to your repertoire. It’s easy to do and everyone loves a pizza! This recipe has a delicious smoked speck, buffalo mozzarella and rocket topping, that you can literally throw on the pizza as it comes out hot from the oven.

Makes 2 pizzas

What you get:
2 x 250g Frozen dough balls
1 x Buffalo mozzarella ball
1 x Handful of basil
160g x Grated mozzarella
8 x Slices speck Prosciutto
100g x Flour for dusting
1 x Bunch rocket
200g x Pizza sauce


1. Put the frozen dough in the fridge until defrosted (2-3hrs or overnight). Place in an oiled bowl, cover with clingfilm and leave somewhere warm for 1hr.

2. Slap the dough down and knead for 3 minutes until soft but not too elastic. Leave to rest on an oiled baking sheet covered with clingfilm for 10 minutes.

3. Heat the oven to its highest setting and put in 2 heavy baking trays or a pizza stone to heat up. Flatten each ball of dough with the palm of your hand and roll it out with a well-floured rolling pin as thinly as possible.

4. Spread on some tomato sauce with the back of a ladle, add picked basil leaves and top with grated mozzarella.

4. Put a pizza base directly on each hot baking tray and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until the base is crisp.

5. Take out of the oven and top with torn (room temperature) buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and rocket.

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