#Ultimate Larder Hamper

Larder hamper


Please allow 3-5 days before collection.

What you get:

1 x Large wicker basket.

1 x Bottle – Franciacorta, Blanc de Blancs “Monte Rossa” DOCG. 750ml.
Franciacorta make most of Italy’s finest sparking wines, sharing the same techniques and methods used in Champagne.

1 x Vincotto Original 250ml. Unlike balsamic, this cooked wine dressing is 100% natural, no added sugars or preservatives.

1 x Le Ferre, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Perfect table olive oil, cold pressed within 12 hours.

1 x Modena’ Condimento 500ml.
White balsamic vinegar.

1 x Crema di Zucca, Menu, 430g.
Pumpkin purée, perfect for risotto & pasta.

1 x Black truffle paste. Sourced and made in Italy.

1 x Pomodorina Sauce 410g.
Sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes.

1 x Polenta Taragna 500g.
Polenta made with a mix of Buckwheat & maize flour.

1 x Lenticchie Verde 500g. High quality organic green lentils.

1 x Fregula Tostata Fine 500g. Sardinian toasted pasta made from durum wheat.

1 x Rosemary Croccante 150g. Perfect crisp bread for bruschetta, cheese and snacks.

1 x Riso – Carnaroli Rice. High quality, short grain rice for risotto.

1 x Maestri Pastai Paccheri Bronzo 500g. Large tubular pasta, made from durum wheat.

1 x 12 Biscotti Cantuccini. Individually wrapped nutty Tuscan biscuits.

1 x Traditional Panettone 750g.

Please see back of packaging for details.