Super Tuscan

3 Bottle Bundle


Super Tuscan Wine Bundle

Total 3 x 75cl

1x Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido, 2017

1x Tignanello Marchesi Antinori, 2017

1x Solaia Marchesi Antinori, 1986

The Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido, Tignanello and Solaia of Marchesi Antinori, are some, if not the most sought-after Italian wines in the world. Three wine-icons from Italy’s wine-growing region, which lead a “top 10” of great names, all made in Tuscany.

Please note that the shown may not always be representative of the stated vintage other than the ‘86 Solaia.

The Solaia bottle had its own history of preservation and was checked before being put on sale. However, we cannot guarantee that after many years the wine is still perfectly preserved. We guarantee that the condition of the bottle is exactly as described and photographed on the product page. The sale of this bottle is therefore subject to the "sold as seen" clause.