Orange Wine



Trebbiano Spoletino Anteprima Tonda DOC

Orange wine is a type of white wine made like a red wine. By leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, this creates an orange-hued finished product. The method continues by entering vats of terracotta, not stainless steel or wood.

This is not a modern technique, the ancient Romans and before them the Caucasians for over 7000 years used to carry and preserve the wine in this way. It leaves a “zero ecological footprint” and is ideal for slow and consistent micro-oxygenation of the wine.

Shinny orange colour. Strong bouquet of citrus & peach, flinty mineral notes. Elegant & truly distinctive. Palate has great structure, fine acidity & tannins. Long and dry finish.

abv 13%
Vintage 2018
100% Trebbiano Spoletino

Please note that the shown may not always be representative of the stated vintage.

Low Sulphates